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This is the latest day of my life!

—Ryan Peterson

Synopsis: A young woman heads off with a stranger to become a dancer in a night club. Nothing bad can come from this, right?

Reaction: A bit tedious to watch, but there are a few very funny moments, like the teleportation.

Personal Rating: 4/10

Select Cast and Crew
Ted V. Mikels => Director
Art Names => Writer
John T. Wilson => Writer
Leighton J. Peatman => Writer
Nicholas Carras => Composer
Bara Byrnes => Joanie Nichols
Bill Corbett => Crow T. Robot (MST) / Observer (MST)
Chris Howard => Chris
Harry Lovejoy => Harry Blatz
James Victor => Joey
Jody Daniels => Finley 'Critter' Jones
Kevin Murphy => Tom Servo (MST) / Professor Bobo (MST)
Leslie McRae => Michele Casey
Mark Herron => Leo McCabe
Mary Jo Pehl => Pearl Forrester (MST)
Michael J. Nelson => Mike Nelson (MST)
Patrick Brantseg => Gypsy (MST)
Paul Chaplin => Institute of Mad Scientists Inspector (MST)
Rod Wilmoth => Officer
Tom Pace => Buz Nichols
Victor Izay => Mr. Casey
William Bagdad => Marty

Random Trivia For This Title:

  • This is Michael J. Nelson's favorite episode.
  • In the diner while Michele and Critter are talking, Buzz is nowhere to be seen, and yet, a second later, he appears next to them. This was an error introduced in the conversion to home video. The DVD version clearly shows Buzz getting up and returning with a beer, instead of teleporting into frame.