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How come there's only one Monopolies Commission?

—Nigel Rees

Synopsis: Jesus uses a series of short stories, parables, to help us learn about the Kingdom of Heaven and about how to live each day. Eternal life, faith, judgment, obedience and preparedness are all explored.

Reaction: It doesn't have a strong single narrative as much as it is a loose structure to display the stories of Christ, but the principles are true and eternal, and it is made with obvious love.

Personal Rating: 7/10

Select Cast and Crew
Richard Rich => Director
Brian Nissen => Writer
Lex de Azevedo => Composer
Carol Lynn Pearson => Songs
Alan Nash => Boaz  (voice)
Gerry Graves => Jeremiah (voice)
Ivan Crosland => Jesus / Confidant / Town Crier (as Ivan Crossland) (voice)
Jack Whitaker => Rabbi (voice)
James Arrington => African Chief (voice)
Jayne Luke => Dinah (as Jane Luke) (voice)
John Nicolaysen => Peter (voice)
Kim Blackett => David / Servant (voice)
Linda Bishop => Asian Woman (voice)
Paul Nichols => Judah (voice)
Shiland McCall => Simone (voice)
Susan Doupé => Leah (as Sue Doupé) (voice)
Terri Purles => Sarah (voice)
Tony Larimer => The Master (voice)