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So... I lied. I cheated. I bribed men to cover the crimes of other men. I am an accessory to murder. But the most damning thing of all... I think I can live with it. And if I had to do it all over again - I would. Garak was right about one thing: a guilty conscience is a small price to pay for the safety of the Alpha Quadrant. So I will learn to live with it... Because I can live with it... I can live with it... Computer - erase that entire personal log.

—Captain Sisko
(Avery Brooks)
[Star Trek: Deep Space Nine]
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Grimm's Furry Tails

Author: Mike Peters
Publisher: Tribune Media Services, Inc.
Pages: 64
Personal Rating: 0/10
Amazon: 5/5
Bindings:Paper Back
Good ol' Mother Goose and her dog, Grimm, butt heads, make waves, pull schemes and try patience.
Good simple fun. A bit trite at times, but still worth a read.